Google's Nearby Notifications Get Closer

Updates to Google's Nearby Notifications have been fully released and they promise to enrich the physical shopping experience for all Android users with meaningful contextual notifications - just in time for the holiday season.

Noteworthy Notification

Notifications are now smarter, providing a better experience for both users and developers.

Google's algorithms now gauge notification usefulness using quality signals and user engagement data. Not only will this help eliminate “spammy” feeling interactions for users, it also means that developers no longer need to apply for whitelisting. Instead, high-quality notifications will be boosted in prominence, while less-valuable notifications, and those without significant usage data, will default to lower or minimum priority.

Command Control

That unsubscribe link that helps declutter your inbox now has its analog in Nearby Notifications' muting function. Users can now command even more control over app interactions with a mute button directly embedded within its notifications. This allows one-tap quashing of spammy or uninteresting app messages.

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We’re excited by these new changes which will not only make development with Google Nearby easier, but also encourage high-quality applications that give users greater value. For more information, please visit

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