Sensoro Becomes Official Partner of Google Eddystone

In July, Google launched a new project called Eddystone, a protocol specification emerging as a competitor to Apple's iBeacon in the sensor field. Sensoro recognized the potential of this new technology, becoming an official partner just thirty days after its release. Google released the full list of partners on August 28th, on which Sensoro was mentioned as one of thirteen.

Eddystone is expected to bring about significant advances in beacon device application. According to Eddystone protocol, developers will be able to configure some of their settings on browsers rather than using apps. With the support of Eddystone protocol, the use of HTML5 will make beacons applications more flexible. Developers will have faster access to managing the whole beacon-based physical world through web pages. The ease of using web pages to configure beacons will help build the bridge between the physical and digital worlds.

Here are several applications sample applications that Eddystone technology can provide:

  • Shop navigation: Using a shopping mall app, customers within a mall can connect to Eddystone for indoor navigation. The shopping mall app might contain a map on which users can tap on the logo of their desired store to receive navigation directions. When customers by the door of a shop and interact with Eddystone, the navigation directions will be updated to their phone.

  • Smart fitting rooms: When customers try on clothes in fitting rooms, suggestions and pictures on how to match the clothes can be activated to appear on the screen. Customers could then operate on the screen to choose the recommended clothes.

  • Parking lot updated experience: Beacon devices can direct drivers to empty parking spaces and help customers look for their cars.

  • VIP customer tracking: When a VIP customer arrives at a parking lot, a salesman can recieve information on them like appearance, consumer records, preferences, etc. Through this information, a salesman may have enough time to prepare for a customer.

With the launch of Google Eddystone, the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) application market will become more mature, providing more opportunity for beacon devices to play a part in the construction of the Internet of Things.

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