Cyber Group And Sensoro Adopt iBeacon Technology in Tokyo Shopping Festival

At 18:18 on January 9, 2016, more than 4,000 visitors could be found shaking their phones on major shopping streets of Tokyo, Japan. The game named “Drawing Red Envelopes” is held by Cyber Group who is the first Chinese sponsor of Tokyo Shopping Festival. The company cooperates with SENSORO(iBeacon hardware and service provider)to adopt iBeacon technology for digital marketing in Japan.

Cyber Group is a leading 3C chain store operator and experiential travel e-commerce provider in China. The Tokyo Shopping Festival held by Cyber Group lasts from January 2nd, 2016 to the end of Feburary.

From January 9 to the end of the festival, all the visitors could attend “Drawing Red envelopes” game in 896 stores in the most prosperous business district in Shibuya at any time. 2 million Yen shopping discount have been prepared for visitors. Visitors in the shopping district just need to open Bluetooth on their mobile devices and bring up the WeChat app's Shake Nearby feature to get a chance at receiving discounts or gifts such as to win air ticket back!

The beacons deployed in Shibuya are from SENSORO who also provides its light platform——Yunzi X Labs for the Tokyo Shopping holiday, to makes it easier for enterprises to release their own WeChat content using several different light platform applications. Treasure Chest Coupon Prize Draw used in this festival is one of the most popular platform applications. Treasure Chests allows users to choose between three chests with the chance to win something. It makes customers feel interesting and makes the game more interacting.

According to Cyber Group, the biggest prize is up to 100,000 Yen shopping discount and there are also some 5,000, 3,000 and 1,000 Yun discounts. The 10, 000 Yen discount has not been drawn by now. It is estimated that about 100,000 overseas visitors would go to attend the Tokyo Shopping Festival. The “Drawing Red envelopes” game would help attract more visitors for the stores and also improve the shopping experience for visitors and customers.

Japanese media have also reported this significant event:

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